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History of Caifan Mtl

Caifan, the latest addition to the Barranco Partners family, boasts a history as vibrant and audacious as ancestral Mexican cuisine.

The concept of Caifan was conceived from the founder’s (Chef Eduardo Acosta) love for Mexico’s rich cultural heritage, particularly the profound link between pre-hispanic history and cuisine.

Our Inspiration

The establishment’s name draws inspiration from an expression used by a group of mexicans located in the US during the prohibitions.

The group was rebelling against the strict laws of the the prohibition by assembling in small dive bar to enjoy tequila and large meals. The expression at that time came from a variation of ”he’s fine”.

This expression embody the founder’s aspiration to stretch boundaries and challenge the status quo of Mexican cuisine in Montreal.

Plateau Mont-Royal

Located in Plateau Mont-Royal, our restaurant has been meticulously designed to cultivate an intimate, welcoming ambiance where patrons can explore a contemporary interpretation of ancestral Mexican cuisine.

Accomplishing this endeavor, the chefs at Caifan employ traditional techniques and ingredients to reimagine pivotal classics of this culinary tradition, presented in a modern and refined manner.

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