Group Menu

Reservation policy

In order to offer you the best possible experience, we require group menus for groups of 12 or more. This allows us to avoid food waste and ensure a complete experience.
In addition to group menus, feel free to add specialized services such as a welcome bite or cocktail for your group by asking our coordinator.
Please note that each group will be allocated a table for a period of 2h30, so please understand that there may be people waiting for your table after this time.
Group of 7 or more will be allowed 2.5 hours.
For the dining room we cannot take groups of more than 20 people, for larger groups we recommend you enquire about our private room.
Please try to contact us at least 72h before the desired date.

Here are our group options

To reserve your evening in our restaurant with your friends, please fill in this form, and our customer service team will contact you shortly.