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Take advantage of Caifan MTL’s private room
for events of all kinds.

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Whether it’s a birthday party, a corporate dinner or a reunion dinner in Montreal, our private
room will meet all your requirements.

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4542 St Denis St, Montreal, QC
H2J 2L3



✯ Private restrooms

✯ Private Coatcheck

✯ Full bar

Maximum capacity:

✯ 50 seated persons

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For reasons of inventory management, and to offer you the best possible experience, we will require group menus. 
Several options are available to you, please consult the links below.
Read about our group menus

Rentals conditions:

✯ Group menu mandatory & a minimum of sales is required.

May vary depending on the time of the year
and number of guests.

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Service included:

✯ Bar
✯ Waiting staff
✯ Kitchen staff
✯ Event planning

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Audio-visual equipment available:

✯ Microphone
✯ Free Wifi
✯ Music console
✯ Brand new sound system
✯ Ipod and Ipad connection for Spotify

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Services available:

✯ Oyster Shucker

✯ Cocktail creation for your event

✯ Wine Pairing

✯Agave Tasting

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and we will get back at you as quickly as possible